Sunday Classes for Adults

Sunday classes: 10:15 am - 11 am

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Spring 2018 Sunday Morning Offerings

Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up? — January 14 through May 13 in Satterlee Hall
This series will critically examine the issue of who Jesus was and how we might understand his message and ministry. The course will review historical-critical research on the life of Jesus—both research from the past and more contemporary efforts—and will also explore the gospel tradition to see what it has to tell us about the “real” Jesus and the abiding meaning and relevance of his life. The series will survey a range of the different conclusions various scholars have reached about Jesus, and will invite reflection on how we follow Jesus today.  Facilitated by Dr. Charles Sigel.

Inquirers & Confirmation —January 14 through May 13 in the Administration Conference Room
What are your questions about church—the Episcopal Church, Trinity Cathedral, or the wider church? Would you like to know more about our worship, and why we do what we do? Or learn more about our rich Anglican heritage and history? This Sunday morning class will offer (1) an interactive overview of the Christian faith and the Episcopal tradition, (2) a refresher course on what we believe and why, (3) a place to answer questions about how and why we worship, (4) a chance to make new friends among new and long-time attenders, and (5) an opportunity to learn how to be more involved.  Facilitated by Dean Tim Jones.
God for Us —January 14 through May 13 in Room 114
This series is an exploration of the doctrine of the trinity and the immense practical relevance this doctrine has for our lives.  The doctrine of the trinity is sometimes characterized as arid, abstract concept with no bearing on our day-to-day experience. This, however, represents a misunderstanding of the confession that God is “three persons in one being.”  The doctrine of the trinity is an invitation to a life of fellowship with God, and is at the heart of Christian accounts of salvation, worship, and mission. This series will examine the development of trinitarian theology, and will explore various practical applications of the doctrine.  Facilitated by Canon Andrew Grosso.

Growing in Christ —January 14 through May 13 in the Stirling Room
Growing in Christ is a Bible study led by lay people trying to help others understand God’s love for all as expressed in the Bible.  Growing in Christ has all generations with all levels of biblical knowledge.  Wonderful bonds and encouraging relationships are constantly formed in this group.  During each session, an appointed leader makes a brief presentation about the passage for the week, and this is followed by group discussion.


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