Cathedral Choir of Men & Boys

The Choir of Men & Boys at Trinity Cathedral offers an accelerated education to any boy who is interested in music.  The choir continues the historic legacy of all-male ensembles in the Anglican tradition.  All participants receive a full-tuition scholarship that includes professional training in vocal performance, music theory and notation, and sight-singing, voice lessons, and opportunities for piano instruction.  Boys also learn life skills including leadership, teamwork, dedication, patience, and the ability to focus.  It is a special opportunity to be part of an all-star team of boys and men.


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How to Join the Choir

Who’s eligible: all boys age 8 and up

What is required for membership: previous musical training is not necessary. Boys must be able to read printed English, to hear and match pitch, and to focus.

More information: Click here to read the online Chorister Handbook.

If you are interested in joining, contact the music office at 803-461-7306 or e-mail

Click here for a web-friendly verison of the Men & Boys brochure.

Click here for information about the music staff.