Finding God's Path

Everyone is faced with making difficult decisions. Should I change jobs?  How can I address a family challenge?  Where is God leading me?  How do I discern God’s will for my life?

A small group of Trinity members is now available to assist those who desire to make challenging decisions in a way that is informed by their faith.  The name of this ministry, Finding God’s Path, is based on Psalm 25.4, which says, “Make me to know your ways, O Lord; teach me your paths.”

This ministry enables parishioners to have focused, confidential conversations with other members of the community about particular circumstances or decisions they face.  This ministry is therefore different from spiritual direction and pastoral counseling; rather, the purpose of this ministry is to facilitate a process whereby some members of the Body of Christ may assist other members of the Body discern God’s will for their lives relative to a particular situation.

Those interested in making use of this ministry are encouraged to contact either the coordinator of the Finding God’s Path team, Norah Grimball (803.361.3437 or, or a member of the clergy.  Once someone requests assistance, two members of the Finding God’s Path team contact that individual to arrange a meeting.  Team members help the person in need explore and consider their challenge from different perspectives.  The job of the conveners is not to offer solutions or answers, but to provide encouragement, to foster creative thinking, and to provide a context wherein individuals can seek God’s will in a way that is informed by prayer and fellowship. This is not designed to facilitate ongoing, general discernment but to address a particular situation in one or two meetings.