January Vestry Meeting Highlights

The January Vestry meeting was held on January 24, 2019. Following approval of the December 2018 minutes, Senior Warden Phil Johnston presented his report, which included the following items:

  • Budget revenues continue to be flat, while expenses continue to increase. The Budget and Finance Committees will work together with the Stewardship Committees regarding possible changes in the budget process, possibly by developing mission goals during the summer months and focusing on funding those goals through the Stewardship Campaign in the fall.
  • Phil recognized and thanked the outgoing Vestry members and ex-officio members for their service, with particular gratitude to David Danforth for his work on the Trinity Center project and the Nominating Committee efforts this year.

Liz Summers presented the Treasurer’s Report. December cash receipts were significant, at $499,665.00, however overall revenues fell short of expectations and ended the year at 96.2% of budget. Tight expense controls and use of restricted funding where appropriate kept total expenses at 97.6% of budget, however due to a write-off related to the Cathedral Shop and increased support for the Trinity Learning Center, there was a net loss of $49,391.00 for the year which compares to a $67,230.00 profit for 2017.

Robert Key presented an overview of the 2019 budget process. He noted that total revenue projected for 2019 is slightly less than 2018. He also pointed out that it was not possible to grant budget increase requests for most ministries, and that small cuts in some of the ministry budgets had to be made. He also pointed out two notable additions to the expenses, one being an item for Interest on the Line of Credit which is expected next year, and a $15,000.00 investment toward Working Capital. A lengthy discussion followed concerning the dilemma of a decreasing number of pledging units and the positive aspect of an increase of the average annual pledge amount. The Vestry concluded that the challenge of enhancing the number of pledges and maintaining the increase in average annual pledge amounts must continue to be addressed. A motion to approve the 2019 budget was approved. Robert Key also presented the 2019 Trinity Learning Center budget and a motion to approve this budget was also approved.

Reports were furnished by Ian Weschler and Andrew Grosso for Education and Christian Formation, by Beth Yon and Dorian Del Priore for Parish Life and Fellowship, and by Ben Grimsley for Stewardship.

Dean Jones presented his report which included the following items:


  • Updated phone and/or email contacts for members of Trinity continues to be a problem. The Communications Committee and the Wardens and Dean are working on ways to improve this. One possibility might be a pictorial directory that could be an incentive for people to update their contact information.
  • RenewalWorks will be the subject of a clergy retreat next week, a canons’ meeting the same week, and the Vestry retreat in February. One topic that the data showed, in addition to the desire for more spiritual support, was the recognition of the tensions in our church between liberal and conservative viewpoints, and the Dean will be prayerfully discerning how to talk about these differences.
  • Dean Jones nominated Llewellyn Shealy to be the Clerk of the Vestry for 2019. A motion was made, seconded and she was approved by acclamation.

David Wolff, Junior Warden