Vestry Meeting Highlights

The November Vestry meeting was held on December 20, 2018. Following approval of the November 2018 minutes, Senior Warden Phil Johnston presented his report, which included the following items:

  • Comments on the Stewardship challenges we have been facing for the past several years and the future work we will need to do in this area.
  • Preliminary comments on the Nominations Committee process and the RenewalWorks Survey, both of which were covered in more detail later in the meeting.

Liz Summers presented the Treasurer’s Report.  We had a net loss of $5,727 for the month of November and a net loss year-to-date of $168,949, and we are counting on December donations to come in strong to offset the deficit.   Contribution revenues through November are $2,428,837 (80.2% of budget) and expenses through November are $2,690,444 (85.66% of budget) the Trinity Learning Center had another month of lower revenues and higher expenses due to three payrolls, along with quarterly insurance and parking payments.  The net loss for November was $14,828, and the year-to-date loss is $28,649.  Donald Benson and Jean Knowlton estimate that December will come in positive and the loss for the year will be between $16,000 -$18,000.  The TLC Board has approved a fee increase for 2019 and Jean Knowlton is planning to address times when staffing can be adjusted in order to decrease personnel costs.

 Robert Key presented the Finance Committee Report.  He advised that the Expense Classification initiative continues to be discussed and that the Working Capital Policy should soon be finalized. He also reported on the status of the 2019 Budget Committee meetings and steps taken thus far.  The preliminary budget has a deficit. It will be difficult to fund any requests for budget increases and it is possible that some cuts will need to be made.  All of this is dependent on the total amount of pledges for 2019, which so far are tracking close to 2018.   Dean Jones has brought this to the attention of the ministry heads and will continue to have discussions regarding creative ways to save money.  The Budget Committee will meet again in early January to finalize the budget.

Canon Grosso presented the RenewalWorks Report, highlighted by the following:

  • The RenewalWorks Workshop Team report was presented to the Vestry.
  • The next steps include discussions regarding what the results mean and what we do with them.
  • There will be three Sunday Adult Formation meetings in January to discuss RenewalWorks.
  • After the annual meeting, there will be five additional Sunday Adult Formation meetings focusing on spiritual growth.
  • The Vestry will then need to determine how to implement RenewalWorks and move forward.

David Danforth presented the Nominations Committee Report and discussed the process that was involved in choosing the nominees.  The committee decided to go with a slate of nominees rather than an election.  There were a total of 183 nominations, many more than in prior years, which is a healthy sign.

Dean Jones presented his report which included the following items:

  • He recommended that the housing allowance for clergy, as allowable under IRS regulations, be approved for 2019 in the same amounts as in 2018.A motion was made and approved.
  • A staff Christmas party was held earlier this week at the home of Alison Cox.
  • The Cathedral Music School continues to work with Logan Elementary and St. Lawrence Place to provide music lessons to underprivileged children.


David Wolff, Junior Warden