July Vestry Notes

The July Vestry meeting was held on July 26, 2018. Following approval of the May 2018 minutes, Ally Rivers of The Hobbs Group presented the annual Audit Report.  She advised that Trinity had received a clean report which is the highest form of report, and she commended Donald Benson, Ryan Headley and Julie Fulmer for their work She also mentioned the need for Trinity to take the necessary steps to create a working capital reserve and that a goal of six months of operating expenses would be desirable.

Senior Warden Phil Johnston presented his report which included the following items: (i) Jonathan and Lisa Vipperman have agreed to co-chair the Stewardship Committee for the remainder of 2018 and chair this committee in 2019; (ii) discussions have started within the Finance Committee to implement the Working Capital Reserve Fund; (iii) an update on the Trinity Center repairs was provided by David Danforth who advised that the pre-bid conference was held on July 25th for the revised scope of work, and bids are due by August 16th.  The work should start this fall assuming an acceptable bid is received; the scope of the work is for the replacement of all windows with aluminum windows and replacement of the gutter system; after the building dries out, portions of the building interior will need to be repaired and the exterior will need to be pressure washed and repainted; (iv) the report to correct humidity and moisture issues and to take care of deferred maintenance issues in the Administrative Building and Diocesan Building has been received, and it is expected that this work will commence later this year. Trinity will pay approximately 60% of the cost and the Diocese will  pay approximately 40% of the cost, based on the amount of work to be done to each building; and (v) a brief discussion followed regarding the longstanding practice of allowing bishops and clergy to be buried in the churchyard, and thereafter a motion was made and unanimously passed to allow Bishop Waldo and his wife to be provided with designated spaces for future burials in the churchyard.

Robert Key presented the Finance Committee report and mentioned that a quarterly review of the Mission and Outreach budget cut had been made with a decision that restoration of any additional cuts could not be made at this time due to the negative operating budget through the month of June.

Liz Summers discussed the following items in her Treasurer’s Report: (i) the Operating Account has a negative balance of $34,681.00, (ii) the due from the Cathedral Shop of approximately $59,000.00 will be written off within the next month or two since the Cathedral Shop closed earlier this year, (iii) Trinity is approximately $105,000.00 behind year-to-year in its net income-to-expense ratio, and (iv) June was essentially break even month; she also pointed out that the messages in the Tidings and in the announcements at the beginning of the 10 AM Service seem to be helping to lessen the decreased giving over the summer months that we have typically experienced in the past.

Committee reports were provided by Judy Smith on behalf of the Communications Committee, Ian Weschler on behalf of the Education and Christian Formation Committee, and Rusty Miller on behalf of the Pastoral Care Committee. Regarding communications, Clark Lee mentioned that she has heard from several parishioners that they would like to know how to get more involved at Trinity, and everyone agreed that we need to publicize this information to make it easier for parishioners to become involved. Reverend Tina Lockett mentioned that it would be very helpful for parishioners to let her and others know of any individuals who are in need of pastoral care visits or other assistance, since it is not possible for the staff to otherwise find out about everyone who has those needs.

Reverend Patsy Malunuk reported that Trinity received the Champion of Public Education award from the SC School Association of School Boards earlier this week for its outreach program at W.A. Perry Middle School.  Trinity members and W.A Perry volunteers Lee Ruef, Patti Trotter and Doug Steimle attended the award ceremony at the Richland School District One monthly meeting.

Reverend Andrew Grosso presented an update on the Renewal Works parish profile; the workshop team of 25 members is in the process of being formed and 15 members have already committed to serve on the team.          

Dean Jones concluded the meeting with his report which included the following items: (i) the Trinity Forward capital campaign is approximately $900,000.00 short of its goal and we want to bring this campaign to a successful conclusion with new pledges and additional pledges from parishioners along with a Foundation pledge and backstop funding, (ii) the Choir trip to Ireland has just concluded and was very successful, (iii) the Security/Emergency Report should be finalized soon after proofing and minor revisions to the Report have been made, and (iv) the former bookstore area which now provides a hospitality area as part of our Welcome Center will be named after LeGrand Nelson.

-David Wolff, Junior Warden