Trinity Prayer List

Sunday by Sunday, week after week, there is a Prayer List in the back of your Trinity Service Bulletin. From causal observation the list may appear the same as the weeks go by. But this is not necessarily so. For instance did you realize that from June 17 to July 24, thirteen names came off the list and thirteen new names were added. Names on the list are prayed aloud as part of each weekday service. I have incorporated the Trinity Prayer List into my personal prayers and I imagine many others in the congregation use the list in their prayers as well.  In my first months at Trinity I have attempted to meet those who have been on the list for many months, sometime years. As well I watch to see what new names are on the list and I try to contact those people as soon as possible. Here are a few helpful hints about the Trinity Prayer List.

  • The plus sign (+) in front of a name indicates the person is a member of the parish. Names without a plus sign are family members or friends of members of the parish.
  • Anyone may add a name to the Prayer List. To add your own name or the name of someone else, contact Allison Fowler at
  • Names of members will stay on the Prayer List until the member asks for name to be removed. Names of non-members will remain for two weeks after which time it will be removed. The name can be returned to the list by contacting Allison Fowler again.

If you have questions about the Trinity Prayer List, please let me know. And I hope you will join me in prayer for these brothers and sisters. 

-The Rev'd Tina Lockett, Canon for Pastoral Care