February Vestry Meeting Highlights

The February Vestry meeting was held on February 22, 2019.  It began with a Bible study led by Dean Jones that centered around Nehemiah 8:1-3,5-6,8-10 and Ephesians 4:1-3,12-14. The Dean gave some background on the passages and proposed a heightened role for Scripture in our life and work, as suggested by the passage from Nehemiah. He also highlighted the emphasis Paul makes in Ephesians on growing into maturity, into the measure of the full stature of Christ, and the relevance of such language for our parish, especially in light of the Renewal Works inventory. Going forward, the Dean and Wardens plan to begin each Vestry meeting with a Bible study led by Vestry members who will take turns.

The minutes of January 24th meeting were approved.

Dan Fritze was appointed Chancellor of the Vestry for 2019 and Liz Summers was appointed Treasurer of the Cathedral for 2019.  Both were approved by acclamation.

David Wolff gave the Senior Warden’s report. He began by setting expectations, called Vestry Norms, for the coming year that include common courtesy, preparation for and participation in meetings, teamwork, and support of Vestry decisions.  He also encouraged Vestry members to get involved with the ministry he or she is liaison for.  Mr. Wolff reported the repairs to the TCMM are on track and should be completed in early June, subject to possible extension of time due to rain days.  Also, the kitchen renovation is scheduled to begin this summer.  The Boudreaux Group will do the kitchen design and Hood Construction will be the general contractor.  A cost estimate will be prepared soon as the design plans are finalized.  Lastly, the Emergency Procedure Manual will be presented to the Vestry for approval at a future meeting.

Mr. Wolff gave the Finance Committee report for Walter Chastain. We are behind last year in pledges. The Vestry will make another round of calls to parishioners who pledged in 2018 but have not pledged for 2019. The Vestry will also write thank-you notes to parishioners who have pledged. Trinity’s lack of working capital and possible solutions were discussed at a recent Trinity Foundation meeting.

Liz Summers presented the Treasurer’s Report. The Operating Fund had a balance of $126,586 at January 31, 2019.  The line of credit has not been accessed for 28 months but it is projected we will need to tap it before the end of the year.  January was a good month for contribution revenues and January expenses were slightly below budget, leading to a positive cash flow for the month. The Trinity Learning Center also made a small profit in January.  Revenues were good thanks to enrollment being close to capacity and a tuition increase that took effect on January 1. 

Eleanor Whitehead reported that the residents of Still Hopes really appreciate the visits from the clergy. They are thankful to the Men of Trinity for providing transportation to Sunday services. There is a request for transportation to Daughters meetings and Lenten services.

Dean Jones gave his report which included the following items:

  1. The Outreach Futures committee has identified a new initiative. We hope to partner with Transitions, Still Hopes, and Finlay House to focus on the elderly homeless population in Columbia. The first step will be to work with the current program at Transitions.
  2. Addie Thompson has resigned her position. She has accepted a part-time job so she can be at home with her child.  She will work part-time through Easter. She will be missed and we are sorry to see her leave, but we wish her the best. Judy Cotchett Smith will chair the search committee for Addie’s replacement.
  3. The Dean will be on sabbatical over the summer.  His sabbatical theme is “Leading a Parish in Renewal” and he shared his preliminary plan, which the Vestry unanimously approved.

The meeting concluded with the recitation of Compline.


-Wade Stinnette, Junior Warden