Canterbury of Columbia

The college years are what I would describe as a liminal phase of life. Sacred spaces, churches, and holy sites are often referred to as liminal spaces. A liminal space is a thin space, a threshold.  These are spaces of transition, transformation, and encounter with the holy. I believe that the college years can be much like that.  We stand at a threshold of experiences in which we are no longer what we were, and yet, we are not quite what we will become.  

Canterbury of Columbia is a ministry in which young adults can walk with one another and the church through fellowship, worship, and service during this phase of life. Canterbury is a community of support and belonging that hopes to foster joy, solace, transformation, and discipleship as we explore what it means to live life in the way of Jesus together.

The Rev’d Canon Dorian Del Priore is the primary chaplain for this community, and he is joined by the Rev’d Charles Smith, Vicar of St. Michael and All Angels. In addition, we have two awesome peer ministers:  Thomas Duncan and Savannah Putman, both students at USC. Truth be told, the community is named Canterbury of Columbia on purpose: this community is open to all college-aged students in the Columbia area. The Cathedral Parish sits in close proximity to USC, and so there is a natural connection that we hope to deeply cultivate. We also want to make it clear that students from all schools in Columbia are welcome: Columbia College, Benedict, Midlands Tech, and others.

Students often join us in worship at Trinity Cathedral on Sunday mornings, and I hope you will welcome them and invite them into deeper relationship with the parish community. We also have college students currently involved in many facets of the cathedral ministries as youth ministry volunteers, choir members, Vernon Scholars, and more.  

Regardless of whether they are visitors or life long members, make a point of shrinking this community for our college students (this can be an intimidating space!). Get to know them by asking about their hopes and dreams, show interest in their studies, and learn about what has drawn them into Trinity.  My vision and hope is that the Cathedral will develop more deeply into a center for vibrant discipleship in the way of Jesus for young adults in this liminal phase of life. 

by The Rev'd Canon Dorian Del Priore

For more information about Canterbury of Columbia, visit their facebook page here.