November/December Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteering as a Lay Eucharistic Minister ( “LEM” ) for the past 23 years has been an especially  meaningful experience for Howard Duvall, whose ministry we spotlight in this issue. According to Howard’s wife, Allianne taking communion to those not able to attend Sunday services is very comforting for the members receiving communion,  and has been just as meaningful to him. A real team player, he can be counted on to substitute for another LEM when needed or add an extra visit when asked.

But serving as an “LEM” is only one of the many ways that Howard serves God through his church.  Those readers who have frequented our fall Bazaar every year know that Howard is the artichoke pickle guy.  For many years  friends and family join him in making artichoke pickle to sell in the pickle booth and he has recently started making barbecue sauce based on a friend’s recipe. He also works in the booth all day on Bazaar day.

For ten years, Howard has enjoyed meeting visitors to Trinity as he serves as a docent. Visitors are intrigued with the beauty of the church and he enjoys sharing the history of the church and churchyard.

He served on the Vestry from 2009-2012 and then served as church treasurer from 2012-2020. Many people will be happy to know that Howard now is chairing the Parking Committee where he and his committee are working diligently to solve the parking challenges we face.

Before, moving to Columbia with his family 24 years ago, they lived in Cheraw where they were active members of St. David’s Episcopal Church and active participants in the community. (Howard is a former mayor of Cheraw).  Today, he serves Columbia as a member of City Council.  His two brothers and their wives have followed Howard and Allianne to Columbia and are also members of Trinity (one brother is a retired Bishop).

Howard, you are an inspiration to all of us as we seek to discover how God is calling us to serve.  We thank you for choosing Trinity.  (And a secret I discovered and will share is that anytime shag music is being played, Howard can be found on the dance floor!)