Vestry Meeting Highlights

The November Vestry meeting was held on November 15, 2018. Following approval of the October 2018 minutes, Mason Hardy presented the Vernon Funds 2019 Approved Grants.  This was approved by Vestry. Complete information and details on these grants will be provided in the Tidings. One topic of discussion concerned the likelihood that the Vernon Funds will not be able to help offset the cost of the Kanuga retreat weekend in future years, and that continuing the Kanuga weekend or possibly moving it to another location due to increasing costs will be evaluated in the coming months.

Mark James presented the Foundation Report which including a focus on Planned Giving and Fundraising Initiatives, and that the Gift Acceptance Policy and Foundation By-Laws are being reviewed and updated.

Bill Matthews reported on behalf of the Outreach Futures Committee which was formed in 2016.  This committee came up with a list of potential future outreach areas and discussed the risks and rewards for each one.  The committee ultimately decided on Housing for Elderly Homeless as their recommendation for a new outreach activity.  Trinity will explore partnering with Still Hopes, Transitions, and Finlay House.  Following a discussion, Vestry approved the creation of an exploratory group for this new outreach activity.


Senior Warden Phil Johnston presented his report, which included the following items:

  • Repairs to the Administration and Diocesan Buildings will likely cost more than anticipated due to the need to replace the stucco rather than repair and repaint it.A second bid is being obtained for this work.
  • Phil called on Ben Grimsley to provide a Stewardship update. Pledges for a little over half the Stewardship goal have been received to date.Vestry members will continue writing thank you notes to those who have pledged, and will be calling those who have not yet pledged.
  • Phil called on David Danforth to present a Nominating Committee update.More nominations than usual have been received.The committee will meet for the second time on November 18, and will present the list of candidates to Vestry at its December meeting, and this list will be published shortly thereafter.
  • The first Newcomer’s Retreat was a success and six Vestry members have signed up to be mentors to newcomers.

Robert Key presented the Treasurer’s Report for Liz Summers. We had a net gain of $6,877 for the month of October and a net loss year-to-date of $159,203 compared to a net loss of $22,231 through October of last year, which is a year-to-year negative swing of $136,972.  Expenses through October were below budget (77.1% actual versus 83.3% projected).   The Trinity Learning Center had another month of lower revenues and higher expenses which led to a $12,085 loss for October and a year-to-date loss of $12,963.  The higher expenses are being driven by personnel and food costs. It is likely that a fee increase will be implemented for 2019 to help offset these increased expenses.   

Robert Key also presented the Finance Committee Report.  He stressed the importance of implementing a working capital policy and increasing the reserve for building maintenance funds.  He also reported that the 2019 Budget Committee has met with the ministry heads regarding their proposed budgets and that the full Budget Committee will begin a series of meetings the week after Thanksgiving.

Judy Cotchett Smith presented the Communications Report which focused on efforts to revamp our website, a new pictorial directory, and updating contact information for all parishioners.

Susie Dibble presenting the Music Advisory Report and advised that Jed Johnson has successfully developed an outreach program in schools for identification of potential new Youth Choir members, and also reminded us of the need to keep growing the Organ Endowment since the current organ is now twenty years old and will start needing more maintenance and repairs.          

Dean Jones presented his report which included the following items:

  • Garrett Ayers, son of Lee and Diana Ayers, has been accepted for postulancy (a significant official step toward ordained ministry to the Episcopal Church).
  • Fleming Rutledge is visiting Trinity this week.She had a book signing Wednesday evening and spoke at the Wednesday Parish Supper.She will also be preaching at the 9:00 and 11:15 AM Sunday services.

Under new business, Ed Tilden submitted a proposal for an Environmental Stewardship Committee at Trinity.  This topic was discussed and it was pointed out that there is a “Trinity Green” Committee already in existence and the consensus was that this group should be revitalized and that the ideas contained in Ed’s proposal should be addressed by this group. 


David Wolff, Junior Warden