September/October Volunteer Spotlight

This magazine issue, the volunteer spotlight  falls on dedicated volunteer, Margie Dillard.  Margie became a member of Trinity in 2008 and she has been  a very active member ever since.  

A longtime educator (now retired), she uses her gifts in a variety of ways at Trinity. If you frequented the bookstore, you probably saw Margie there often. She was one of the most steadfast bookstore volunteers, with regular shifts and the willingness to fill in extra time whenever she was needed. For a long time she shared a Bookstore shift with her close friend, Mary Murray Black (whom she actually met while working there).  When the bookstore closed recently, both Margie and Mary Murray moved right on, joining the faithful group of volunteers serving as receptionists at Trinity’s Welcome Center.  The people who serve us in this role are truly important as we try to show hospitality in all aspects of our church life.

In addition to her time at the Welcome Center, Margie is an active member of the Daughters of the Holy Cross where she has served on the Board of Directors in her role as chair of the group that make and have ready casseroles for distribution to shut-ins, new parents and others.  She is also a very active member of the Bishop Finlay chapter of the Daughters.  When the calling begins in order to gather a group to prepare parish-wide mailings, Margie is one of the first to volunteer.

 Margie volunteers every year to help with Vacation Bible School, one of her favorite activities. She, along with George and Peggy Lafaye, are the “snack people” as they accept and distribute snacks to the children  at snack time each day, obviously one of their favorite activities.

Friendly, talented, energetic and willing are adjectives that describe Margie and this month we celebrate her and thank her for her service.