There's an App for That! A Guide to Trinity's Online Directory App

Did you know that you can access contact information of other church members, make a payment to your pledge, and view the church calendar straight from your mobile device? The app, Church Life, is free in smart phone app stores. Information on how to set up your account and download the app on your smart phone can be found below.

Procedure to use the online directory:

  • Go to the Trinity website, and click the login button (also found by clicking here) at the top of the home page:
    • If already registered with a Trinity account:
      • Enter the user name and password.
      • Click the directory button on the menu bar to get the member directory.
      • Click other buttons to look at the church calendar and other tasks.
    • If not already registered with a Trinity account:
      • Create an account by clicking the Click Here button at the bottom of the screen.
      • Enter an e-mail address that will become the user name.
      • Enter first and last name (if it cannot find you, just go to the next step to create a password).
      • Create a password.
  • Login using the new user name and password.
  • Click the directory, event, or other buttons for various tasks.

Using your smart phone, go to your smart phone app store:

  1. Select and install on your smart phone, the app “Church Life” from ACS Technologies Group.
  2. Open “Church Life “on your smart phone.
  3. Enter your Trinity account user name and password (see above for directions if you need your username or password).
  4. The app will open with an alphabetical directory.
  5. Use the menu to select other tasks such as the church calendar or give.

To update the photo or information in your ChurchLife entry: Click Here  a