All Trinity Reads is Back!

This spring, the All Trinity Reads program will return. There will be seven different reading groups that will convene at different times and locations; each group will meet for a total of no more than six weeks. Everyone is invited to take part in one of these groups. Space in each group is limited so contact the coordinator(s) of the group you’d like to join as soon as possible.

We will read Verna J. Dozier’s The Dream of God: a Call to Return (Church Publishing, 2006). Dozier (1917-2006) was a high-school English teacher, a lay theologian, and an active member of the Episcopal Church for many years as a parishioner at St. Mark’s Church in Washington, DC, as well as various diocesan and national groups. She is remembered for her passionate commitment to lay leadership, racial reconciliation, and the importance of Christian education for all members of the church.

Dozier’s work has had a tremendous influence in the Episcopal Church, but the reception of her work has not been without controversy. The Dream of God can be a challenging book, and many of the ideas Dozier proposes about how we might think about the life of faith in today’s world prompt a number of questions. In other words, Dozier’s work makes for an excellent starting point for group reflection and discussion.

If you’d like to take part in this season’s All Trinity Reads program, contact one of the group facilitators or contact Canon Grosso (
• Facilitator: Walter Edgar (
Walter’s group will begin meeting at 5:00 pm on Monday, January 14 in the Stirling Room.

• Facilitator: Bill Beckham (
Bill’s group will begin meeting at 5:30 pm on Wednesday, January 16 at Bridgepointe Condominiums (100 Sunset Blvd, West Columbia).

• Facilitators: Ward Briggs ( and Marvin Caughman (
Ward and Marvin’s group will begin meeting at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, January 16 in the Daughters of the Holy Cross Room.

• Facilitators: Marion Hornsby ( and Will Hornsby (
Marion and Will’s group will begin meeting at 6:00 pm on Sunday, January 20 at their home (1760 Shady Lane, Columbia).

• Facilitator: Betty Hudgens (
Betty’s group will begin meeting at 10:30 am on Tuesday, January 22  at her home (3419 Wilmot Ave, Columbia).

• Facilitators: Nela Edgar ( and Sallie Guess (
Nela and Sallie’s group will begin meeting at 12:00 pm on Wednesday, January 23 in the Daughters of the Holy Cross Room.

• Facilitator: Walker McKay (
Walker’s group will begin meeting at 7:30 am on Wednesday, March 6 at the offices of Cason Development Group (2144 Sumter St., Columbia).