Cohort Assignments

Cohort Information is Released on Friday Afternoons 

How to find your cohort assignment in two easy steps:

  • Find Your Email Confirmation: After you registered for a service this week, you were sent a confirmation email that contained a copy of your submission. Locate that email in your inbox and open it, as you'll need to find the seating number contained in that email. That seating area you registered for is now your ID number, used to find your cohort and arrival time.
  • Find Your Cohort: Once you have the email pulled up and have identified the seating area you registered for, find that seating area number on this page below for the service you plan to attend, and follow it over to the right to find out which cohort you have been assigned to for this week's service.

Please keep in mind that selecting a certain number on the registration form does not guarantee you'll be seated in a certain spot in the Cathedral. Similarly, seating in one area in previous weeks doesn't guarantee you'll be placed there again if you register for future services (unless you have physical limitations that we are accomodating for you, and you have made us aware). The cohort assignments are changed week to week, and generated by a staff member, not a program. Selecting a seating area out of order (ie, selecting 3 when 13 is empty) when registering in hopes of being seated in a certain area won't result in your placement in that area, because there is no correlation between the numbers on the form and the pews in the church. We only use the number on the form as an identifier for you, rather than posting your full last name here (for privacy reasons).

9 am Cohort Assignments:


11 am Cohort Assignments: