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Dean Jones' last Sunday at Trinity was February 9, and the process of searching for a new Dean is now underway. We plan to keep you updated on what is happening every step of the way. Please check back here for updates during this time.

Our Search Committee

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After carefully reviewing all candidates that were nominated, and after being approved by the Vestry and accepted by Bishop Waldo, the following parishioners were called to lead our Search Committee:

This committee of men and women includes younger, middle-aged, and older parishioners. As a group, they represent the various constituents within our congregation. They each love the Lord, love the Episcopal Church, love Trinity and love our people, and they will prayerfully and collegially consider our way forward.

We know there will be questions during this time. Please feel free to ask! You may contact our Wardens, Wade Stinnette ( and Llewellyn Shealy (, or a member of clergy anytime. 


Updates from the Search Committee

September 9, 2020

The Search Committee met in the evening of Tuesday, September 8, and continued conversations about candidates and logistics surrounding candidate visits in a COVID-19 world. The Committee is pleased with the progress made so far, and continue to ask for your prayers for the Committee members, the Vestry, and all of Trinity as we move closer toward the goal of a new Dean.

In-person worship has resumed and it has felt good to be back in the pews for many of the Committee members. The Search Committee thanks everyone at Trinity for the prayers, support, and patience during this process. 

August 26, 2020

The Search Committee met August 25 and had a very productive meeting. Their evening meeting had a full agenda, including: review of two recent candidates and the addition of two more potential candidates to the working list, discussion about the logistics of visits, and a discussion about how best to stay in communication with the active candidates. The Committee is focused on the task of finding a new Dean, and is very grateful for all the emails, comments, and words of encouragement they have received lately.

August 13, 2020

The Search Committee met August 11 and had an engaging meeting. The Committee discussed recent interview results, follow-ups to make with candidates, and the logistics related to visits.

The entire Committee is learning and hearing what other churches who are searching for clergy are doing in the midst of COVID-19, including making permanent use of virtual tools. Several benefits of using virtual tools are efficiency, rapid response, and the ability to reach out and engage parishioners.

The Committee will meet again in two weeks, and will report back at that time.

July 29, 2020

The Search Committee met on July 28 via Zoom and had lengthy discussions about the ever-narrowing list of candidates. Last week’s work included an interview and it went great, not only with the candidate but with the Committee's process and questions as well. The Committee will meet again in two weeks, and hopes to have several additional candidates to review at that time.

June 23, 2020

The Search Committee met on Tuesday, June 23, and continued their discussion on candidates, website searches, and recently mailed invitations. The committee would like to thank the many interested parishioners and friends of Trinity that have been proactive in sending names to them. The interview script is ready, and the committee looks forward to live action in near future.

June 10, 2020

The search committee met June 9 via Zoom and had productive discussions.  Last week we mailed invitation letters to a select few candidates encouraging them to apply, and will send a few more in the coming week.

As we approach a time when live interviews can be held, we began the process of framing our interview questions for the candidates as well. These questions will be framed around ministry areas, highlighting theology, leadership, pastoral care--to name a few.

Thank you all for your prayers, support, and patience!

June 3, 2020:

The Search Committee met Tuesday, May 26 via Zoom. They are pleased to report that the Diocese is now receiving completed applications, and the committee continues to receive nominations of potential candidates as well. This is all very encouraging for Trinity's search process!

During June, the committee hopes to begin arranging a core group of candidates. Once formed, they will begin live interviews with this core group of applicants. This is an exciting next step during the journey of finding Trinity's next Dean.

The Committee continues to be grateful for the prayers, support and patience during the search. If you have any questions, please contact Search Committee Chair John Moorman (click here to email).

May 20, 2020:

The Search Committee met on May 12 via Zoom. After a beginning prayer, the committee quickly finalized a letter of invitation used for inviting candidates to participate in the search process. The committee has received a large group of new nominations, and along with the working list of candidates, the committee has been and stays busy with research. The committee has also used their own contacts to reach out to rectors and other church related folks to uncover additional names.

April 14, 2020:

Narrative for the Dean position at Trinity

March 31, 2020:

The Search Committee held their meeting on March 31 through a Zoom conference. We discussed the document crafted by the Vestry, a well-worded and broad “charge” that will serve as our working document during the search. It also delineates the duties and desires we will follow in this work. We accepted the charge (click here to read) and expressed our appreciation for the Vestry’s work.

We finalized the narrative for our Dean position which has been delivered to the Diocese for posting on the Transition Office webpage. Once accepted, it will be posted on Trinity's Dean Search page as well. This will enable external applications to be accepted and processed. Additionally, we discussed and agreed upon ministry focus areas which will form the basis for our candidate questionnaire/interview process. We received and discussed more than a dozen new submissions and suggestions for potential candidates during the meeting via Zoom as well.

This is exciting work, and the Search Committee is grateful for your prayers, support and patience.

March 9, 2020:
The Search Committee met Tuesday, March 3, and began the meeting with a training session with the diocese to discuss process and protocol of the search. The full committee was in attendance and excited to be on this journey for Trinity. The committee will meet again in two weeks as work is done to design our communications, website initiatives and the application receipt process. If you have names to share, please click here to view form. Also, you are welcome to communicate with the chairman, John Moorman (click for email) or our committee members at any time.

The committee thanks you for your prayers (this is a journey of faith), for your support (we need your confidence), and for your patience (this is important work!).

Next Steps

  • Creating a Parish Profile: This profile, which looks a lot like a Connections issue in that it presents information about the life and culture at Trinity, is an overview of all information a potential candidate would need to consider joining Trinity. The profile will be collaborated upon by the Wardens, Vestry, Communications Director, Clergy, and others. The profile will be made available online through our website.
  • Developing a Description of the Role: the committee will work to draft a detailed job listing to be shared with potential candidates, and to be made available to the public.