Search Process for the New Dean of Trinity

With Dean Jones leaving in February, the process of searching for a new Dean will be underway soon. We plan to keep you updated on what is happening every step of the way, and are in the process of building a page on our website where you can go to view search updates and other information anytime. In the meantime, an overview of the next steps are outlined as follows (click here to continue reading).

  • Providing for Transitional Leadership: There are two options for the type of Dean that may serve during our search; acting, or interim. An acting Dean would be a current member of Trinity's clergy who would serve in the capacity of dean during our search for a permanent Dean. An interim Dean is one from outside Trinity, who is appointed by the Bishop to serve as Dean during our search. The decision of acting vs. interim Dean will be made by Bishop Waldo, along with insights provided by Trinity's Wardens David Wolff (Sr. Warden) and Wade Stinnette (Jr. Warden), and the Vestry.
  • Assembling a Search Committee: This committee's members will be decided upon by the Vestry and the Wardens. The functions of the committee include (but are not limited to) receiving applications for the position, performing Skype interviews with potential candidates, performing site visits to a potential candidate's current church, and narrowing down the candidates to 3 or 4 potential Deans, and then making a recommendation regarding the selection of a new Dean to the Vestry and then to Bishop Waldo for final approval. If you would like to suggest someone to serve on this committee, please email David Wolff ( or Wade Stinnette (
  • Creating a Parish Profile: This profile, which looks a lot like a Connections issue in that it presents information about the life and culture at Trinity, is an overview of all information a potential candidate would need to consider joining Trinity. The profile will be collaborated upon by the Wardens, Vestry, Communications Director, Clergy, and others. The profile will be made available online through our website.

We know there will be questions during this time. Please feel free to ask! You may contact our Wardens, David Wolff ( and Wade Stinnette (, or a member of clergy anytime. Please stay tuned for any updates, as well as a dedicated Dean Search page soon to come on our website.