Online Registration FAQs

As of September 30's registration, we are moving to a new system. You will now register via Eventbrite. The registration links will be shared in the same way, but the process once you click the links will be a little different. Please read on for more information.

When does registration go live and where can I find the registration link?
Registration is live every Wednesday at noon for the following Sunday's service. The link is emailed at noon (please click here to sign up for our emails if you're not receiving them already). If you have an elderly parent, friend or loved one, or know of anyone who doesn't use a computer, they can register by calling Allison Fowler (803.461.7319) or Carole Carter (803.461.7311) to register.

How many people can attend a service?
There is a maximum capacity of 75 people for the 35 seating areas we have in the Cathedral. Each seating area can hold up to 5 people. We will close registration each week according to the following criteria: when a total of 75 people is reached, when the 35 seating areas are filled, or on Fridays at 10 am--whichever comes first.

I have 6 people in my household that would like to attend, but the seating areas only hold 5 people. What do I do?
We are asking that everyone only registers for their immediate family. If your household has 5 or more people in it, you can sign up for more than one seating area. So, for a 6 person household, you would register for 2 seating areas.

I made a mistake while registering and need to add someone or remove someone from my reservation, *OR* I need to cancel my reservation. What do I do?
We now have the ability for you to delete your registration or edit it yourself. If you make a mistake while registering, simply log on and redo it. If the sign up still has spaces and/or it is still active (the Friday deadline hasn't been passed), then you'll be able to make your changes and/or cancel.

Where can I find the cohort entrance map?
Please click here to access the map which shows each cohort's designated entrance.

Where is your list of safety protocols?
Click here to read our list of safety protocols that need to be followed on campus. Most importanly, masks should be worn on campus at all times, both indoors and out (no gaiters, shields, or masks with circular air vents, please). Social distancing must be maintained at all times as well. If you feel unwell, have a fever, loss of taste/smell, or any other COVID-19 symptoms, please do not come to campus and call your physician.

Can I pre-register before Wednesday at noon?
At this time, out of fairness to others, we will not be able to accept any registrations that come in before noon on Wednesday--whether that is by phone, email, or any other method. We want to make sure everyone has the same opportunity to sign up as everyone else.

If people cannot pre-register, then why are there spaces already reserved on the sign-up before it went live?
Hospitality Ministers are Trinity members who have offered to serve as volunteers during the service. They are invited to bring their family with them to the service as well. We have blocked out space for the Hospitality Ministers and their family members so that we don't exceed the seating area/maximum capacity numbers for the Cathedral.

Can I choose which area of the Cathedral I want to be seated in, or which cohort I am assigned to?
YES! We now are offering the ability to select your seating area. Once you select that seating area, the cohort information is tied to that pew, so you will get your cohort information automatically.

We can still make accomodations for those who need to sit in certain areas due to hearing or mobility:

  • If you are hard of hearing, please register in the PURPLE section.
  • If you need to access the ramp to enter the building, please register in the YELLOW section.
  • If you need to sit far away from others, please register for a BALCONY in either the PURPLE, YELLOW, or BLUE sections.