Genesis Through Art Zoom Offering


Painters like Rubens and Rembrant, visionaries like Blake, illustrators like Tissot, and other artists down the ages have turned time and time again to the later chapters of Genesis as subjects for their art. The masters of visual arts who drew and painted these scenes mastered also the theological and human nuances embedded in these stories. Their works cast an astonishingly fresh light on the meaning and depth of these chapters of Scripture.  

Trinity Parishioner Belton Zeigler will be hosting this offering, that is being co-sponsored with The Cathedral of All Saints in Albany, NY, via Zoom. The class will take place on Tuesdays starting January 25 through February 22. This offering, a reprise of the class originally offered at Trinity in 2019, will provide a retelling of these stories and a review of paintings and drawings they inspired to bring into focus the human and spiritual dynamics that were so insightfully captured by the artists. The goal is to combine text and art to show how God advanced the story of Israel's salvation and called mature faith out of the disordered lives of his servants, Isaac, Rebekka, Jacob, Rachel, and Joseph. Participants should gain a new appreciation of the truths about God and humanity hidden in these chapters as discovered and revealed by the artists who sought to recreate these stories visually.

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