Sunday Classes for Adults

Sunday classes: 10:15 am - 11 am

Call of God (October 14 - November 18) 

This series will explore the book of Genesis, and will focus on the period between the creation of the world and the call of Abraham.  The series will also examine ways the stories and themes in Genesis recur throughout the Old Testament, the New Testament, and even our own Book of Common Prayer.  This series will be facilitated by Belton Ziegler and will meet in Satterlee Hall. Click here for the class schedule. Click here for the class reading list. 

Prudent Provision (September 9 through December 23)

This series will focus on the preparations we all need to make for the different stages of life’s journey, and will examine topics such as financial planning, living wills, insurance, planned giving and bequests, and funeral planning (including the theology of the burial rite).  This series will be facilitated by Mary Ellen Haile, JP Lee, Jim Rogers, and Canon Grosso, and will meet in room 114.

Parenting with Grace (September 9 through December 23)

This group is a chance for parents with children of all ages to create a community of support as they navigate the many issues families face. The group will discuss a variety of topics related to family, marriage, and parenting. The group will be facilitated by Brian and Shannon Kvam and Jonathan and Cydney Milling, and will meet in Room 222.

Growing in Christ (September 9 through December 23)

Growing in Christ will begin its 23rd year with more great biblical teaching and discussion. This fall, GIC will have several guest teachers, including Dean Jones on the power of prayer, Bruce and Claudia Guignard on supportive ways to deal with grief, Cubby Culbertson on the Psalms, and Leiann Walther with a new series called “Thanks be to God,” plus other biblical topics. Conveners include Lee Ayers, Emery Clark, Phil Johnston, and Rox Pollard.  GIC will meet in the Stirling Room.


Weekday Offerings

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