Sunday Classes for Adults


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Weekday Offerings

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Sunday classes: 10:15 am-11 am

Adult Confirmation & Inquirers

This series is for anyone who will be confirmed when Bishop Waldo visits on May 5, and is also appropriate for those seeking to become more familiar with Episcopal beliefs and practices. The series explores scripture, church history and traditions, and Anglican spirituality. Dean Jones will facilitate in Room 114. (January 6 - May 19)

Understanding and Overcoming Addiction

Addictions of various kinds are among the most serious challenges our culture faces in today’s world, and faith communities have a special role to play in helping people become more knowledgeable about the hazards of addiction and the means for overcoming it. This series will be the first in a series of coordinated efforts aimed at helping parishioners better understand addiction and recognize the resources available to help those who struggle with it (including those who have family or friends who struggle with addictions). This series will be facilitated by Betsy and David Wolff in the Administrative Conference Room. (March 10 - April 7)

Journey to the Purple-Headed Mountain

 During Lent, we will explore the work of Martin Thornton, an English priest who was also a farmer and an author. Thornton wrote several notable works on the life of faith and the experience of Christian community, and is remembered today for his account of the essential connections between individual spirituality and congregational life. This five-week series will be organized around Thornton’s modern classic, The Purple-Headed Mountain. Canon Grosso will facilitate in Satterlee Hall. (March 10 - April 7)

Parenting with Grace

 This group provides opportunities for parents with children of all ages to create a community of support as they navigate the many issues families face, and explore a variety of topics related to family, marriage, and parenting. The group is facilitated by Shannon and Brian Kvam and Cydney and Jonathan Milling in Room 222.  (March 10 - May 19)

Growing in Christ

Growing in Christ will begin its 23rd year with more great biblical teaching and discussion. This fall, GIC will have several guest teachers, including Dean Jones on the power of prayer, Bruce and Claudia Guignard on supportive ways to deal with grief, Cubby Culbertson on the Psalms, and Leiann Walther with a new series called “Thanks be to God,” plus other biblical topics. Conveners include Lee Ayers, Emery Clark, Phil Johnston, and Rox Pollard.  GIC will meet in the Stirling Room. (March 10-May 19)*

*Please note, the group will not meet January 6 - March 3 so that those who regularly attend can participate in the discussions in Satterlee Hall.