Earlier this year, Trinity Cathedral’s Vestry established the Dean’s Medal, an annual award to recognize people in our community who have made a substantial contribution to the life of our parish. The inaugural recipients of the Dean’s Medal were announced at Trinity’s annual meeting in January—Jim Sims and Susie VanHuss. Trinity’s Dean, the very Rev’d Dane Boston, recently visited with each honoree to present them with a medal depicting the parish seal.

Jim Sims was honored for his vision and leadership as churchyard administrator, serving for decades as caretaker and coordinator of efforts to oversee Trinity’s historic churchyard, a calling and passion from which he recently retired.

In reflecting on Jim’s service, Dean Boston recalls a line from a hymn sung at his seminary commencement that honored the university’s founders: “…where their pilgrim feet have trod, / The God they trusted guards their graves."

“For many decades here at Trinity, Jim Sims has been God's servant guarding and preserving Trinity's extraordinary heritage and history as our churchyard administrator,” Dean Boston said. “Countless pilgrim feet have traversed our campus and been blessed by Jim's ministry as they sought the monuments of ancestors, historical figures, and personal heroes. Beyond tending the resting places of our forebears in the faith, Jim's dedication surveying and documenting every square foot of our hallowed ground makes it possible for us to continue sharing Trinity's story with our state, our nation, and our parish family for generations to come. "

Susie VanHuss was honored for her vision and leadership as a retiring member and past president of the Trinity Foundation and the architect and tireless promoter of the Legacy Builders program for those who include the foundation in their estate planning.

"Scripture tells us that God loves a cheerful giver. But Susie VanHuss's legacy reminds us that that verse is about a lot more than just money,” Dean Boston said. “God loves when a person gives every facet of her singular gifts, her deep knowledge, her burning passion, her boundless vision, and her very self to his service. All this Susie has given in her time as president and member of the Trinity Foundation Commission. Trinity is stronger and better equipped for God's service in the future because of what she has devoted to this community. God loves a cheerful giver, and Susie has given him her all."

Future Dean’s Medal winners will be approved by the vestry, and will be recognized at Trinity’s annual parish meeting in January. If you would like to make a nomination, please reach out to one of the vestry’s wardens.

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