Call for Vestry Nominations

The Vestry Nominating Committee is now soliciting suggestions for potential candidates for Parish leadership offices: Junior Warden, a Vestry class of six people, two Diocesan Delegates and two alternates, and two members of the Trinity Foundation Commission.  Nominations will be open until Tuesday, November 6.  Please email all nominations to

The Vestry nominees sought include people with skills to replace those graduating from the several committees including Finance, Music, Communications, Youth, and Men of Trinity.

The Nominating Committee will present a list of nominees to the Vestry for approval and then to the Parish for election at the 2019 Annual Meeting on January 27, 2019.

The members of the Nominating Committee include Wardens David Danforth, Phil Johnston, and David Wolfe; Former Senior Wardens Mary Belser and Kirby Shealy; Vestry members Margie Heggie Estafano, Brian Kvam, Walter Chastain, Ian Weschler, Susie Dibble, and Beth Yon; and DHC representative Diana Ayers.