2019 Nominations for Trinity Leadership

Trinity's Vestry has approved a slate of nominees for 2019 leadership positions to be elected at the Annual Meeting on Sunday, January 27, 2019.  The positions include Senior Warden, Junior Warden, six Vestry members, two Trinity Foundation Commission members, and two Diocesan Delegates and an Alternate.  

The Nominating Committee gave careful consideration to the decision of slate vs. contested election and, for a number of reasons, decided that a slate would be the better choice.  Any nominations from the floor must be received by the church office at Nominations@Trinitysc.org  at least one week prior to the Parish Meeting.  Any floor nominations must include a statement that the nominee is willing to serve and a short description of activities and service at Trinity and the community.

Below is the slate of nominees. Click here to view full bios and photos of the below nominees.

Senior Warden - One-year Term
David Wolff

Junior Warden - One-year Term
Wade Stinnette

Vestry - Three-year Term
Micheal Beal
Gus Chapman
Marian Hornsby
Jonathan Milling
Tim Owens
Stephen West

Diocesan Delegate - Three-year Term
Elizabeth Dorn
West Summers

Diocesan Delegate Alternate - Three-year Term
Jane Key

Foundation Commission - Four-year Term
Jim Best
Pamela Lackey