Nursery on Sundays

Beginning Sunday, April 25, entrance to the nursery will be from the south porch on the Cathedral Lawn. Once you enter the building, continue down Chisholm Trail to the Welcome Center and the steps to the nursery will be to the right. There will be signage to help direct you. If you have any questions, contact Bibs Babson (

Nursery Info:

  • No food or diaper sacks from home
  • Please provide in a LABELED disposable zip-lock bags: 2 Diapers, Sippy Cup, Bottle with formula, Pacifier
  • Teachers will provide water and Ritz crackers for older children's snack
  • Parents must come down to the Nursery Hall, Do not cross blue lines on floor
  • Do not enter classrooms
  • Parents sanitize feet, wash hands of children
  • Teacher takes temp. at two year old classroom door
  • Max occupancy: 4 - Infants, 7 - walkers through 3 years old
  • Hours 8:30 - 11:30 am
  • Sextons will perform a followup spray after all children have left the nursery for the day