Nursery on Sundays

Beginning Sunday, March 7, a nursery will be offered for infants through 3 year olds.
The nursery will be available for the 9 am service and the 10 am family formation time.

Pre-registration required by emailing by noon each Friday.

Nursery Info:

  • No food or diaper sacks from home
  • Please provide in a LABELED disposable zip-lock bags: 2 Diapers, Sippy Cup, Bottle with formula, Pacifier
  • Teachers will provide water and Ritz crackers for older children's snack
  • Parents must come down to the Nursery Hall, Do not cross blue lines on floor
  • Do not enter classrooms
  • Parents sanitize feet, wash hands of children
  • Teacher takes temp. at two year old classroom door
  • Max occupancy: 4 - Infants, 7 - walkers through 3 years old
  • Hours 8:30 - 11:30 am
  • Sextons will perform a followup spray after all children have left the nursery for the day