Responsibilities/Job Description: 

At Trinity Learning Center we are looking for someone who is full of excitement and eager to learn and interact with children. We encourage you to have fun and enjoy your working experience here at Trinity — to get down on their eye-level, and engage with the children while doing arts and crafts, storytelling, exercise, and educational games. It is important to keep things fresh and try new activities to capture the children’s short attention spans.

In this field, you need to have a passion for young children! If you are going to shape our future leaders of tomorrow, you must love all the different age groups and all the very different personalities you are likely to encounter.

Children require nurturing, tenderness, and love. You need to be warm and genuine to gain their trust and attention. You also must care about the whole person and understand the obstacles they might face, whether it’s a boo-boo at play time, or a home life that is less than perfect.

As a staff member here at Trinity Learning Center you may begin your day with a fully formulated plan to be in one class then by mid-day your schedule may change completely because someone called out or took ill. That is when we must work together as a team and be flexible. In addition, we are a Christian-based learning center, so it is required that we teach our children to develop a deep love for God through Christian-based curriculum.

What are my general duties in the classroom?

You will be responsible for aiding the Lead Teachers and working closely with them in conducting daily duties such as preparing and serving feedings/meals, changing diapers and/or assisting with toileting, writing daily reports, recording attendance, engaging in play, assisting to put children to sleep, and creating a safe, fun, and educational environment. You should display a friendly and positive attitude and greet parents and children by their name. Most importantly, you should constantly monitor and supervise the children in your care to always ensure safety. Below are a few other general duties that you will be responsible for:

  • Working with the lead teacher to maintain the class schedule.
  • Assisting teachers with lesson preparation by getting materials ready and setting up equipment.
  • Overseeing children during classroom time as well as non-classroom times, including mealtimes, naptime, bathrooms, outside time, and field trips.
  • Collaborating with lead teachers when you recognize issues students are facing and recommend solutions.
  • Complying with South Carolina State, DSS, CACFP, ABC, First Steps, and Trinity Learning Center policies.
  • Attending all in-service days, faculty meetings, completing 15 hours of required training annually (including conferences on weekends), and completing mandatory Infant/Toddler CPR/First Aid every 2 years.
  • Helping maintain a safe and clean environment in all classrooms, bathrooms, and all other environments. This includes cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms, tables after mealtimes, and all other commonly touched surfaces, sweeping, and assisting in maintaining an organized classroom.
  • Aiding in teaching appropriate behavior and social skills to children.
  • Assisting in enforcing school and classroom rules.
  • Assisting with record-keeping including attendance records, meal count records, potty logs, and other records as needed.
  • Providing personal aid and care as necessary to students, such as help with medical needs, hygiene, eating, and toileting.
  • Keeping track of your daily schedule and floating to assigned classrooms on time.


  • High School Diploma or GED.
  • Completion of ECD 101 and an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education preferred. If you do not have this you will be required to complete ECD 101 through the TEACH scholarship program upon hire.
  • Minimum 2 years of experience working in early childhood education.
  • Two work-related references.