Vernon Scholarship Program 2018

Each year Trinity Episcopal Cathedral provides up to five rising USC sophomores, juniors, and seniors in academic good standing with Vernon Scholarships and parish support to help them explore and realize a passion, a dream. 

Trinity will accept applications for 2019-2020 Vernon Scholarships next spring 2019. Information will be posted online here.

 Upon the successful completion of the application process, grants of up to $4,000 will be awarded to up to five students, based in part upon their vision for the use of the funds.

What is the purpose of the Vernon Scholarships?

The purpose of the scholarships is to challenge USC students to explore a deeply held interest, a passion, a vocation that gives their lives meaning, regardless of how they ultimately choose to make a living. In addition to the funds, scholarship recipients will be aided by a Trinity mentor group who provide feedback and support during the 2018-2019 grant cycle and potentially, beyond.

Do applicants need to be members of Trinity?

Do applicants need to be members of Trinity, the Christian faith, or any faith? No. We have accepted applications from a broad variety of faiths and from those who profess no spiritual affiliation at all. Would we be happy if you choose to join us at some point? Of course, and some have, but this is not a requirement.

While recipients are not expected to become church members, they are expected to engage in relationship with the church. Participants will enter a covenant with Trinity that encompasses three principal elements: (1) a commitment to regular attendance at one or more weekly worship services at Trinity; (2) a willingness to undertake a project that benefits the Trinity community, or Columbia at large, as witnesses, participants, or recipients; and (3) participation in mentoring relationships among a group of parishioners who will provide guidance and encouragement to the participants while engaged in the program.

What types of proposals have gained scholarship support in the past?

  • One recipient had a life-long dream to walk the St. Francis Trail in Italy. She created a program, with the help and support of her Trinity ‘mentor team’. Upon her return, she created a slide show and presentation reflecting on her journey to share not just with members of Trinity, but to others in Columbia. She has now graduated from USC and is employed by a nationally renown theatre in Washington, DC. However, she will always be a  traveler, a journeyer, and the Vernon Scholarship helped her take her first steps.
  • Another recipient, a pharmacy student, was passionate about nutrition and wanted to use his scholarship to create a program for seniors. His dream was to help seniors who take medication make food choices that are compatible with their prescriptions and further support their health. He enjoyed the mentorship of church members who are physicians and pharmacists, among others in completing his project. The project benefited seniors in the Trinity family and at a senior living facility in Columbia. This student has gone on to be a pharmacist who is still active in nutritional health.
  • And, another recipient came to USC knowing he wanted to study music. The Vernon Scholarship stipend covered the cost of his choir trips, freeing him from having to take a job to cover that expense. He used the extra time to practice organ at Trinity Cathedral and to study as an apprentice to Trinity’s Canon Organist and Choirmaster. His mentor relationships serendipitously helped with another passion - fishing.

Meet our most recent Vernon Scholars:

2017-2018 Scholars

Carlos Arroyo: Carlos, a Sophomore at USC, is from ColoCarolos-Arroyo.jpgmbia, South America. He spent his high school years in Greenville, South Carolina and calls it home. Carlos is majoring in Biomedical Engineering. He wants to design prosthetics for those who have lost limbs in combat. Carlos enjoys going to the movies, wrestling, and working out with friends. He is involved in community service through the Methodist ministry on USC’s Campus.

Annie-Bauknight.jpgAnnie Bauknight:  Annie is a native of Columbia and lifelong member of Trinity Cathedral. A USC sophomore majoring in Social Work, Annie has a passion for the people of Honduras born from her trip there with the organization Students Helping Honduras. Her dream is to return and continue her work there. Annie has been active in the Trinity choir for several years, she plays soccer and is active as a veteran camper and counselor at Camp Kanuga as a counselor.

Anne-Jackson.jpgAnne Jackson:  Anne is a Senior majoring in French who loves both the French and Russian languages and cultures. She studied abroad in Latvia last summer, providing her with the opportunity to deepen her knowledge of Russian culture and use of the language.  Also a long-time member of Trinity, Anne is a dedicated member of the choir, and loves to dance.

Amanda-Maietta.jpgAmanda Maietta: Amanda hails from Brunswick, Ohio and is currently a Senior at USC majoring in Business and Marketing. She also has a gift for cooking. Her dream is to combine her cooking and business skills to open a restaurant after college. Amanda added to her knowledge base working as assistant operations manager at Links in Sea Pines Plantation on Hilton Head Island last summer. Amanda enjoys lacrosse, NBA Basketball, and the study of geography.

Allie-Wade.jpgAllie Wade: Allie comes to USC from Cincinnati, Ohio. She is a USC Junior majoring in Public Health and Pre-Med. Allie pursues her interest in helping people by currently serving as an advisor for Trinity’s youth group, specifically middle school girls. She is a swimmer at USC and  enjoys baking.