Sign up to be an Acolyte

The most important part of our common life is worship, and central to our worship week by week are those who help carry out the work of liturgy as acolytes. If you are interested in joining this important ministry, especially if you will be moving into the 7th grade this fall, now is the time to sign up. We will be forming teams prior to the beginning of our fall worship schedule in September 2017. Please sign up by sending your name, email, and telephone number to

Acolyting offers young people in grades 7-12 the opportunity to serve as ministers in Cathedral worship.  Acolytes lead processions, take responsibility for lighting and extinguishing candles and assist priests and deacons in preparation for communion.  There are currently six teams - each headed by one or two senior acolytes.  During the school year, one team is assigned to each Cathedral service; in the summer, two teams are usually assigned to the 10:00 Sunday service.  Throughout the year, acolytes may also be asked to serve at weddings, funerals and other special services.  If you have questions, please contact the Cathedral office at 771.7300.

Thank you for answering the call to serve as an acolyte. God’s peace and love to you all.

Acolyte Teams 2018

Team 1

Elizabeth Bowie, Co-Captain
Elinor Chapman, Co-Captain
Mason Kapp, Co-Captain

Flynn Bowie
Bonnie Chapman
Cravens Godbold
Spears Goodlette
Margaret Greene
Thomas Greene
Suzanne Kapp
Mary Hagan Slaughter

Team 2

Duffy Beal, Co-Captain
Julian Owens, Co-Captain
Wallace Stuckey, Co-Captain

Manning Barwick
Nan Davenport
Sallie Grimsley
Abby Malanuk
Anna Malanuk
Duncan Moorman
Suzanne Moorman
James Runge

Team 3

Porter Davies, Co-Captain
William McCann, Co-Captain

Emma Britt
Brown Davies
Eliza Davies
Ellis Davies
Mac James
Henry Moses
Sallie Moses
Lyman Ott
McAlpin Ott
Wallace Ott

Team 4

Caroline Bunch, Co-Captain
Isabel Lord, Co-Captain
Rox Pollard, Co-Captain

John Graham Cantey
William Cantey
John Elliott Epps
Thomas Epps
Lottie Folline
Sarah Haselden
William Lamar
Mary Deas Rhodes

Team 5

O'Neal Best, Co-Captain
Emmye Mullins, Co-Captain
Stuart Williams, Co-Captain

Connor Asbill
Ryan Asbill
Mason Harrington
Robert Harrington
Fred Manning
Weston Manning
Abby Mullins
Kit Mullins
David Shealy
Annie Waites

Team 6

Kate Baker, Co-Captain
William Bowers, Co-Captain
Isaac Mikell, Co-Captain

Charlie Bond
Julie Virginia Bowers
Mary Evelyn Bowers
Sarah Anne Hary
Robert Hodges
Will Laney
Lucy Mills Sammataro
Timothy Smith
Magaret Walker

Acolyte Schedule

9:00 am Cathedral Service

Date Team
January 7 Team 1
January 14 Team 3
January 21 Team 5
January 28 Team 2
February 4 Team 4
February 11 Team 6
February 18 Team 1
February 25 Team 3
March 4 Team 5
March 11 Team 2
March 18 Team 4
March 25 Team 6
April 1 Team 1
April 8 Team 3
April 15 Team 5
April 22 Team 2
April 29 Team 4
May 6 Team 6
May 13 Team 1
May 20 Team 3
May 27 Team 5


11:15 am Cathedral Service

Date Team
January 7 Team 2
January 14 Team 4
January 21 Team 6
January 28 Team 1
February 4 Team 3
February 11 Team 5
February 18 Team 2
February 25 Team 4
March 4 Team 6
March 11 Team 1
March 18 Team 3
March 25 Team 5
April 1 Team 2
April 8 Team 4
April 15 Team 6
April 22 Team 1
April 29 Team 3
May 6 Team 5
May 13 Team 2
May 20 Team 4
May 27 Team 6