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Hospital Visits

Hospital Visits - How do clergy and other Trinity caregivers find you or a family member in an area hospital? It has been true for many years that hospitals do not notify churches that their members are now patients in the hospital. In recent years with HIPPA laws the rules are tighter. Hospital admission forms usually still have a place asking for religion affiliation and perhaps denominational affiliation. Again this is not done so that the hospital will have an available list of all patients who are Episcopalians. It is for the hospital records.

In most cases when a church or clergy call a hospital asking for a list or if any Episcopalians are patients, the church or clergy will be told that the hospital can not give out that list.  Now, if a church or clergy call a hospital asking if a specific person is an admitted person, then the hospital will give a yes or no and a perhaps a phone number for the patient's room, but only if church or clergy have used the patient's correct name. For instance if inquiry is made for Jim Smith and the patient's name is Thomas James Smith, the response will be "We have no Jim Smith" 

As you can see, it is difficult for clergy to know when Trinity members and family have been admitted to a hospital. Please let us know by calling the Cathedral office or one of us.

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Recreation, or Re-Creation?

We all need regular opportunities for rest and relaxation, especially in a culture like ours that demands so very much of us.  But unfortunately the expectations manifest in our culture regarding rest and relaxation can be just as much a challenge to the life of faith as are those we have about work.  When opportunities for rest and relaxation are compressed into arbitrary timeframes organized around the demands of labor and activity, the result can be a frenzied attempt to squeeze as much rest and relaxation into as short a time as possible.  We come back from vacation in need of a vacation to recover from our vacation!

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Lemonade on the Lawn

“Summertime and the livin’ is easy.” Most of us can relate to those familiar song lyrics. We move a little more slowly, take more vacation time in the summer than in other seasons. It is a good time to pause, have a little lemonade, chat, check in with friends, share stories, and maybe meet someone new. 

Nancy Dunbar remembers The Rev'd James Stirling saying to her, “Summer tea on the lawn was to be a social time for those church members going to different services.” As Trinity grew in the decades after WWII, the size of the congregation dictated the need for more than one Sunday service. Having a social time on the lawn between services became a lovely way to stay in communion. In the 1970s the Daughters of the Holy Cross listed as one of their service projects, “Service of tea after church in summer months.”

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Recommended Summer Readings

Summer is coming, and while certainly time will be spent outdoors with fishing, boating and attending baseball games, many of us will spend some time by sitting at the beach or in the backyard with a book in hand. To that end, let me recommend a few books, both old and new, for you to consider for your summer reading. 

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Volunteer Spotlight: Summer 2018

This month’s Volunteer Spotlight shines on longtime Trinity member and volunteer, Sybil McCook.  Sybil has been part of the Trinity family for almost 50 years and her service is legendary.  Now well into her 80’s she is still more involved than most people half her age.

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Congratulations to our Graduates

Congratulations to our 2018 Graduates. Click below to read the full list of our High School graduating seniors that were honored in church on Sunday, May 13, 2018. 

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Bible Journaling Seminar

On Friday, June 15 there will be a Bible Journaling Seminar from 9 am- noon in the Workshop. All women and girls ages 1st grade and up are invited to join. Please bring your own Bible and plan to spend time and fellowship in the Word. Please register online here. 

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Safe Church Training

There will be a Safe Church Training on Sunday, June 3 from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm in Room 222. Anyone who particpates in a lay ministry is required to be Safe Church certified. Please register online here. 

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Eve of Ascension Sermon

Click here to read The Rev'd Canon Andrew Grosso's sermon from the Eve of Ascension service on Wednesday, May 9, 2018. 

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