Stories and Announcements

There's an App for That! A Guide to Trinity's Online Directory App

Did you know that you can access contact information of other church members, make a payment to your pledge, and view the church calendar straight from your mobile device? The app, Church Life, is free in smart phone app stores. Information on how to set up your account and download the app on your smart phone can be found below.

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Trinity's Young Choristers

One Sunday afternoon this past May, I was among the many in the cathedral to attend a special service of Choral Evensong at which graduating choristers were honored and several young boys and girls were inducted into the boys choir and the girls choir.  The remarks that Jared Johnson made to and about these young people resonated deeply with me and, I’m sure, with many others in the congregation.  Most of this article is made up of quotes taken from that address.

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September/October Volunteer Spotlight

Congratulations to Trinity's September/October Volunteer Spotlight, Margie Dillard. Read more about Margie and her volunteer areas below.

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How Do We Welcome?

It isn’t easy to define Trinity. We’re a multi-generational parish of families spanning centuries; a house of worship for all; a prominent downtown presence; and, since 1977, cathedral church of the Diocese of Upper South Carolina. Trinity’s magnificent architecture and cemetery attract history buffs and visitors, while Cathedral concerts and special services draw members and the wider community. As the bishop’s seat, or cathedra, Trinity serves as the symbol and center of diocesan ministry, facilitating diocesan and community events.

For many of us, Trinity is our beloved community of faith. But a larger question is this—how do we, as both cathedral and parish, convey the inclusive welcome of Christ to all?  Below are two stories of those who came to Trinity as newcomers, and soon came to embody that Christ-like hospitality.

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Trinity Jubilee Cookbook Re-print

The original Jubilee Cookbook, created in 1998 for the Bazaar's 50th anniversary, captured years of favorite, historic Trinity recipes. It sold out long ago and is tucked away on the shelves of earlier generations. But, we're bringing it back! The Trinity Bazaar is making a 2nd printing for our 70th anniversary. It's not a fancy cookbook. Don't expect lots of glossy pictures. What you will find is a treasure trove, printed in classic form. Think biscuits, tomato pie, congealed fruit salad, green bean casserole, and coffee cake. There are modern takes as well. You will recognize a few dishes from Trinity's kitchen! Spiral binding makes it easy to use in the kitchen. Place your pre-orders now at and plan to pick your cookbook(s) up at the Bazaar or at the Welcome Desk in the weeks after. We also ship.

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August Vestry Meeting Highlights

The August Vestry meeting was held on August 23, 2018. Following approval of the July 2018 minutes, Senior Warden Phil Johnston presented his report which consisted of an update on the Trinity Forward Campaign and a request to the Trinity Foundation to assist the Campaign with a portion of the money needed to repair the Trinity Center. 

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Solomon's Porch

Solomon’s Porch was created by two Daughters of the Trinity family in August of 2016 to provide small group support for women who are challenged with depression and anxiety. Members find healing and hope when gathered on Solomon’s Porch in the name of Christ.

One hour meetings are held twice a month. Gatherings include prayer and scripture, group discussions on readings, speakers and experiential activities. The names of participants and all dis-cussions are confidential. The evening group begins on Sept. 11 at 6:15 in Trinity’s Library. The daytime group begins on Thursday, September 27 at 11 in Sunday School room 222.  

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W.A. Perry Middle School Outreach Volunteers and Life Skills Class Ideas Needed

Trinity Cathedral is in our 16th year of a partnership with W.A. Perry Middle School. The Cathedral was recently recognized as a “Champion of Public Education” by the SC Association of School Boards for the Perry relationship. But there an ever present need for new volunteers to assist with the life skills teaching and providing weekend food for students.

Currently Trinity volunteers provide the life skills learning in clubs six to eight Thursday afternoons each semester.  Present clubs are Cooking, Sewing, Tennis and Golf.  Volunteers are needed in all venues. The time requirement is one hour in the club sessions from 4:15 to 5:15 p.m. plus your travel time. Contact Lee Ruef (331-3182) Betty Gregory (206-0759) Beth Yon (787-2881) or Rev’d Patsy Malanuk (

Maybe you have skills that middle school students could use in life. A suggestion has been made that the students would benefit from learning basic household repair skills.  Should you have the skills you want to share with students on how to use a hammer, a screwdriver, or a saw for home repairs contact Lee Ruef (331-3182). Or should you have any other idea for a life skills class, contact Lee or Rev’d Malanuk.

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Trinity Cathedral Awarded SC Board Association Champions for Public Education

Trinity Cathedral was awarded the South Carolina School Boards Association Champions for Public Education Award on Thursday, July 26, 2018. The Richland One School Board nominated Trinity because of the tremendous support of students and staff in the district and for their work with the W.A. Perry Ministry. Read more about the award below.

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Trinity Prayer List

Sunday by Sunday, week after week, there is a Prayer List in the back of your Trinity Service Bulletin. From causal observation the list may appear the same as the weeks go by. But this is not necessarily so. For instance did you realize that from June 17 to July 24, thirteen names came off the list and thirteen new names were added.  Names on the list are prayed aloud as part of each weekday service. I have incorporated the Trinity Prayer List into my personal prayers and I imagine many others in the congregation use the list in their prayers as well.  In my first months at Trinity I have attempted to meet those who have been on the list for many months, sometime years. As well I watch to see what new names are on the list and I try to contact those people as soon as possible. Here are a few helpful hints about the Trinity Prayer List.

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