2024 Stewardship Campaign

At Trinity, we believe Stewardship is more than just an annual giving campaign. Our vision is for Trinity Cathedral to reap and enjoy an abundance of our parish’s time, talents, and treasures to support the mission of Christ’s church within our parish community.

“Fundraising is a form of ministry. It is a way of announcing our vision and inviting other people into our mission…it is proclaiming what we believe in such a way that we offer other people an opportunity to participate with us in our vision and mission.”

You are welcome to contact us anytime to discuss your dedication to Trinity through sharing your own time, talents, and treasure. You can also find more information about making a planned gift through the Trinity Foundation.

A Message from The Dean

Possessive pronouns are curious things. We use the same little words for mere things that belong to us – “Hey, that’s my coffee!” “May I pet your dog?” “Would you like to come out in our boat?” – that we use for the relationships and places that shape us and define us – “May I introduce my wife?” “Thank you for welcoming me into your home!” “Won’t you come with us to our church?”

The theme for Trinity’s 2024 Annual Stewardship campaign is “Our Community, Your Community.” Make no mistake, when we speak of the Cathedral as “our community,” we’re not describing something that belongs to us like a mug, or a pet, or a hobby. Rather, we’re describing the place where we ourselves belong – the place where God claims us, consecrates us, and equips us for His service.

And if this is the sense in which Trinity is “our community,” then to every single soul we meet we must extend the invitation: “Come and make this your community, too.” That’s not us giving them a little piece of something we own. That’s Christ Jesus, through us, calling them to receive here that same gift we have received: the grace of the Holy Spirit in this place to know God, to love God, and to serve the world in God’s name.

Trinity is Our Community, Your Community. May we give freely and joyfully to support, sustain, and strengthen it, for freely and joyfully God’s love has been given to us here.

The Very Reverand Dane Boston
Dean of Trinity Cathedral

2024 Campaign Pledges Received

We are grateful to the following individuals, as well as many who asked to remain anonymous, for their generous financial commitments to the 2024 Stewardship Campaign. This list is current through November 15, 2023.

Beverly Ackerman
Paul & Allison Aitchison
Gail Anastasion
Katherine Anderson & Craig Childs
Thomas & Charlotte Anderson
Lee & Louise Andrews
Steven & Kathy Armato
Lee & Diana Ayers
John & Bibs Babson
George & Ford Bailey
Jay & Laura Baker
Frank Ballard
Leighton Barton
Myron & Lucy Barwick
Michael & Elizabeth Beal
Carol Beck
Bill & Jeanie Beckham
Clinch & Mary Belser
Jim & Rebecca Best
Vance & Linda Bettis
Jean Blanks
Tina Boies
Todd & Wallis Bond
Dane & Debby Boston
Bill & Erwin Boyd
Pat Boykin
Bobby & Lucile Boyle
Gus & Heather Brabham
Heyward & Carole Brabham
Mickey & Gene Brabham III
Vance & Rebecca Brabham
Will & Margaret Brabham
Amy Bramlett
Steve & Mary Ball Brantley
Richard Breibart
Robbie & Nell Brennan
Connie Britt
Will & Kathryn Britt
Dana Brockington
Joseph Bruce
Mary Green Brush
John & Jean Bruton
John & Sara Bruton
Bo Bryan
Jeff Bryson
Stan & Lise Budd
Bertie Bunch
Lucas & Kelly Bunch
Chris Burkett
Daniel & Sammie Burt
Mac & Pat Burton
Ben Butler
Charlie Butler
Lynn Butler
Pam Cakora
Donald & Maryfrancis Caldwell
Chase & Molly Campolong
Phyllis Capehart
Carole Carter
John Caskey
Paul & Missy Caughman
Rita Caughman
Sally Cauthen
John & Gil Cavanagh
Bill & Frannie Chamblin
Joan Chamblin
Franklin Chapman
Gus & Page Chapman
Walter & Nell Chastain
Stewart & Elizabeth Clare
Emery & Elizabeth Clark
Lee Coggiola
Russell Coleman
Rick Corbett
Walker Covin
Arrington Cox
Elliott & Kitty Cox
Donna Crapps
David & Joan Danforth
Andrew & Christin Daniel
Robert & Lita DaSilva
Bill & Mahalie Davies
George & Jean Davis
Gavin & Emma Dean
Susan Desportes
Melita deTreville
Donny & Corinne Dial
Charles & Susie Dibble
Margie Dillard
Stephen Dilworth
Gene & Nancy Dinkins
Walt & Elizabeth Dorn
Deb Drotor
Carol DuBose
Clarke & Trish DuBose
John & Amy Duhan
David & Karen Dukes
Tish Dukes
Nancy Dunbar
John & Martha Durst
Howard & Allianne Duvall
Walter & Nela Edgar
Thomas & Lucy Edmunds
Carl & Gibbie Ellsworth
Elliott & Amy Epps
David Estefano & Margie Heggie
Molly Evans
Shaw & Lynn Evans
Boykin Exum
Ed & Susannah Farley
Mindy Faucher
Noel Faulkner
Rick Felder
Phil & Linda Ferrante
Allen & Cheryl Fisher
Christie Fisher
Bob FitzSimons
Betty Floyd
Read & Lura Folline
Anne Fowler
Scotty Frantz
Kester & Caroline Freeman
Dan & Katie Fritze
Phil & Linda Frye
Cherryl Garner
Betty Gasque
Phil & Ruchelle Gee
Kevin & Brooke Gibbs
LeRoy & Clara Gillentine
Elizabeth Glazebrook
Eric & Ann Gluse
Jack & Janie Godbold
Toby & Gwynne Goodlett
Betsy Gray
James Green, Jr. & Jean Knowlton
James Gregory
Bam & Ann Gressette
Barron & Judy Grier
Norah Grimball
Ben & Adele Grimsley
Ed & Joan Grimsley
Anna Griswold
Allen Guignard & Rita McKinney
Bruce & Claudia Guignard
Elizabeth Guillem
David Gundersen
Cantey & Trisha Haile
Cantey Haile
Mary Ellen Haile
Will & Anna Haltiwanger
Jim & Margaret Hane
Simms & Zan Hardin
Jimmy & Caroline Hartley
Caitlin Hastings
Jay & Lynn Haynes
Cantey & Lee Heath
Cantey & Mary Ann Heath
Calvert Helms
Margot High
Buddy & Helen Hill
Kermit Hines
Hayne & Shiva Hodges
Pete & Jayne Holland
Ken & Nancy Holt
Will & Marian Hornsby
Tate Horton
Betty Hudgens
Bill & Pinky Hughes
William & Lee Hutson
Betty Jean Ireland
Tucker & Barbara Jackson
Christie James
Mark & Mills James
Pam James
Karen Johnson
Stephen & Alison Johnson
Steve & Patty Johnson
Phil & Susan Johnston
Cindy Jones
Lloyd Kapp, Jr.
Michael & Bonnie Kapp
Jeff & Betsi Kefalos
Robert & Jane Key
George & Beatrice King
Katie Klopp
Olivia Knight

Bob & Nina Knowlton
Yates & Sarah Ann Knowlton
Kent & Nan Krieg
Joan Kuhn
Shirley Kuiper
Pamela Lackey
Angus & Cary Lafaye
George & Peggy Lafaye
Spann & Elizabeth Laffitte
Marcy Lamar
Bill & Caroline LaMotte
Roy & Caroline Laney
Janie Langley
Joe & Coles Lawton
JP & Clark Lee
Morgan & Lena Lee
Edwin & Salley Lesley
James & Ami Leventis
Sally Lewis
Bill & Lynne Linder
Mary Lindsey
Steve & Diane Lipscomb
Tommy & Lucy Little
Dave & Wanda Loftin
Macon Loveless
Bobby & Sally Lyles
Rowena Lyles
Bob & Kathy Mahoney
Pat Manley
Fred & Karen Manning
Dorothy Marchant
Claude & Tara Martin
Chase & Caroline Matthews
Ronald & Paula Matthews
Edgar Maxwell
Jim & Betsy McColl
George & Judy McCoy
Phillips & Pamela McDowell
Buddy & Pam McEntire
Margaret McFaddin
Zach & Cornelia McGhee
Tim & Mary McKissock
Frank & Marguerite McLeod
Rocky & Karen Menge
Katherine Mille
Rusty & Kathy Miller
Bill Milliken
Tom Milliken
John Monk & Jennifer Amor
Whit & Michel Moore
Woody & Julia Moore
John & Kirsten Moorman
William & Lucas Moorman
John & Corinne Morgan
Jason & Tricia Morris
Polly Morrison
Lee Morriss
John & Emily Moses
Carolyn Moye
Ed Mullins
Wade & Katy Mullins
Vick & Betty Murdaugh
Greg & Suzanne Nagy
Tom & Lori Newell
Rhonnie Newton
Ryan & Kenzie Newton
Kent Nickerson
Sarah Noel
Hardy & Ann Oliver
Ann Osborne
Curtis & Melrose Ott
Tim & Pride Owens
David Pable
Steve Parham
Jack Parrish
Bill & Tamra Paschal
Nenie Pasky
Margaret Payne
Hal & Jennie Peacock
Lee Pearson
Nicole & Russ Pearson
Jim & Fran Potter
Elizabeth Powers
Bill & Ann Price
Bobby & Pam Price
Sean & Katie Rankin
Sandra Ravenel
Virginia Ravenel
Chris & Joie Ray
Augusta Rembert
Jim & Rebecca Rhodes
Daniel & Amy Richards
Jay & Macon Richardson
Jim & Susan Riser
Andrew & Susan Roach
Mark & Debbie Robertson
Jim & Linda Rogers
Kay Roman
Laura Rosier
Carole Rowden
Tom & Anne Runge
Preston & Louisa Sabalis
Sam & Nan Sammataro
Jim & Minerva Sanner
Peter & Jessica Shand
Terry & Susan Sharpe
Kirby & Llewellyn Shealy
Mike & Kathy Sheehan
Jim & Anne Sims
Amelia Ann Siokos
Emerson & Kathy Smith
Emory & Cam Smith
Gordon Smith & Doak Wolfe
Grace Smith
Jim & Nina Smith
Joel Smith
Joel Smith & Pamela Roberts
Judy Cotchett Smith
Paul Smith
Rob & Lauren Smith
Rush Smith & Susan Heath
Dave & Julianne Sojourner
Walker & Alex Sojourner
Trey Spong
Doug Steimle
Bobby Stepp & Meredith Manning
Will Stevens
Jemme Stewart
Marcia Stine
Wade & Lannie Stinnette
Jan Stogner
Peg Stover
Ansley Strifling
Barbara Suddeth
Judy Suggs
Tommy & Jane Suggs
West & Liz Summers
Caughman Taylor
Kathryn & Lauren Taylor
Walter & Helen Taylor
George & Lynn Teague
Tom & Sarah Terrill
Clara Thomas
Mark & Michelle Thomas
Rab Thompson
Rob & Kay Thompson
Bud & Ruth Tibshrany
Ed & Polly Tilden
Patti Trotter
Rick & Susan Umbach
Will & Jessica Umbach
Pat & Susie VanHuss
David & Laury Vaughan
Jonathan & Lisa Vipperman
Jay von Kolnitz
Candy Waites
Craig & Ann Waites
Elise Washington
Dallon & Carey Weathers
Bob Welling
Stephen & Jennifer West
Mary Weston
Elizabeth Wheeler
Carl & Nancy White
Frank & Susan White
Carol Whittaker
Don Whittaker
Blake & Sadie Williams
Em Williams
H. David Williams
Luther & Carolyn Williams
Taylor & Caroline Williams
George Wolfe
David & Betsy Wolff
Betty Wood
Ellen Wright
Ben & Joan Yelverton
Ralph Yoho
David & Beth Yon
Brent & Angela Zokan